Why should you take this course, and what's it all about?

Watch this video to learn my personal story, why you should go Plant Based, and what exactly comes with the course.

Become a Happy, Healthy, Sexy, Adventurous, Plant Based Ninja the Easy Way! Improve your health, kick convenience pitfalls to the curb, and live a longer, more energetic life! 

Do You want to be the picture of health and live a long full life free of disease? Want to be able to run and play well into your golden years? Desire peak athletic performance? Want to be sure you can get all the nutrients you need on a Plant Based Diet, and THRIVE not just survive?  Have you ever seen those super fit people that look happy and energetic all the time, and it doesn’t seem like they are ever worried about what they eat? Why Not You, too? 

You’d love the same results as these healthy plant eating people but have no idea where to start and can be overwhelmed when trying to search for all the answers yourself. Do these people have some massive will power and a lifetime of knowledge that you don’t? NO! 

I know that nutritional information can be massively overwhelming, there's so much conflicting and downright wrong information out there. It can be daunting! You don’t have to sift through it all. I can show you an easy, well balanced way to eat an optimal diet for your health without losing your mind! 

With The Zero To Plant Based Hero Course, I take you through a STEP BY STEP immersion into Plant Based Living. I’ll explain why it’s healthier and easier, and how and where to be sure you get all of your nutrients. (Hint! It’s actually easier with plants!) 

I make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by information, as we step into each phase a little at a time and learn as we go. In 6 weeks, you’ll have completed living a full week at 100% compliance with a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle, and help you decide what works best for you and your lifestyle, whether you are an athlete, struggling with your weight, or just motivated by ethical reasons like the planet and your love for other creatures. 

Course Curriculum

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Hi, I’m Britt Taylor, your Kickin' Vegan.

I am a Mom and a 2nd degree black belt, who has dedicated her entire life to health and fitness. I created this course to take the mystery about how to eat a healthy, balanced, plant based diet. I wasn’t always the picture of perfect health. I might have looked like it on the outside, but I struggled for years with skin rashes, seizures, hormonal disorders, infertility, and allergies. I studied longevity and optimal diets my entire life. (Still studying!) And it has taken decades to sift through all the noise, lots of trial and error, and I want you to benefit from those years and not struggle the same way I did. 

I can’t believe the difference in my life, and many others who have adapted to this way of eating, after clearing through all of the misinformation, feelings, opinions and advice. Nutrition is not an opinion, it is based on FACTS! Cold hard proven facts. I’m guessing you have already heard a lot of those facts, and that is why you are here. GOOD FOR YOU!

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Live the Healthiest Version of Yourself

It has been irrefutably proven that vegans live longest, longer than vegetarians, who live longer than omnivores. Going Whole Food Plant Based takes this progress to the next level! 

I’ll teach you what makes plant based and vegan different, and why you can be both, or one or the other. 

Many people have achieved amazing, near miraculous results with switching to a Plant Based lifestyle. You can absolutely experience these results as well.

There is nothing special or magical about the people that dropped the weight, broke their sports records, lowered their blood pressure or experienced a full turn around in their overall health and vitality. It takes commitment, but it is not complicated. 

Get Clear on Optimal Nutrition

Nutrition is not an opinion, it is based on FACTS! Cold hard proven facts.

Getting all of the nutrients that you need is completely easy and safe with a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle.

Your body will regulate itself to a healthy weight, without EVER needing to count your calories or macros, or ever worry about them again. 

Clearer younger looking skin, reduced likeliness of the big killers of developed countries like heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, as well as a reduction in allergy symptoms and hormonal imbalances have all been long documented and reported side effects of a plant based diet. 

Know What to Eat

I will make sure that you have the easy button on hand to help you through the course.

Each of the four immersion weeks will include:

  1. An action plan
  2. A meal prep guide
  3. A shopping list
  4. A weekly menu plan

Half of the reason people don't follow through is because they don't know what to eat! Don't worry about that, let me. I've already got it all worked out for you.

Now you are probably wondering, How the heck do I do this?

What am I supposed to eat? How do I get my protein? Will I be anemic? Can I grow muscle? Will I lose weight? Will I get enough to eat? Oh boy, have I. Been. There. I swear to you, I feel ya! 

How would your life change if you could stop stressing about the ideal diet for your health? What difference would it make for you to never go on a diet again and to never think about your calories, quantities, or what you were going to eat?

What difference would it make if you always had the right satisfying snacks on hand and never got stuck in a desperate situation where you made bad choices? How about knowing what to eat, and even knowing how to feed a family without any complaints? 

Your struggle with knowing what to do is over. I will take you through the course one week at a time, in a gradual process, as you replace the foods that don’t serve you with really delicious and satisfying foods that fuel you and improve your health. I will teach you how to replace any nutrients you think you may be leaving behind, and why it’s actually easier to maintain the health requirements you need on a plant based diet. I’ll clear up a whole lotta confusion as we hook kick and backfist our way together through this journey to optimal health. 

I’ll even show you how eating healthier IS LESS EXPENSIVE!!!! You will learn tips to save you both time and money. TIME! & MONEY! SAVED!

You can do it. Just imagine being out with your friends and knowing just where to eat, how to order and not being stressed about it. Imagine pulling out your snacks as everyone else grabs what’s quick and convenient. Imagine telling everyone what you ate for dinner while they were eating processed frozen foods. And then imagine not having to say a word about your dietary choices, or needing to defend it since you are the health leader in your friend and peer group. Yah. You. With the best blood test results and the best fitting pair of jeans. That’s right, hottie. You’ll be a trendsetter. A leader. 

You are Worth It!

Stop making excuses, don't let your inner voice talk you out of it for one second. Your journey to optimal health starts RIGHT NOW.

Don't negotiate with making your health your top priority. Be better for you, for your family, your loved ones, be present for your friends and coworkers.

You DESERVE to be your best self!


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