Do You want to be the picture of health and live a long full life free of disease? Want to be able to run and play well into your golden years? Desire peak athletic performance? Want to be sure you can get all the nutrients you need on a Plant Based Diet, and THRIVE not just survive?  Have you ever seen those super fit people that look happy and energetic all the time, and it doesn’t seem like they are ever worried about what they eat? Why not you, too? 

You’d love the same results as these healthy plant eating people but have no idea where to start and can be overwhelmed when trying to search for all the answers yourself. Do these people have some massive will power and a lifetime of knowledge that you don’t? NO! 

I know that nutritional information can be massively overwhelming, there's so much conflicting and downright wrong information out there. It can be daunting! You don’t have to sift through it all. I can show you an easy, well balanced way to eat an optimal diet for your health without losing your mind! 

Reach your peak level of fitness and vitality

Stop worrying about counting calories and macros and eat what your body thrives upon!

Take the mystery out of what to eat, and when, and how- I'll show you the way!

Hi, I’m Britt Taylor, the Kickin' Vegan.

I have been studying Nutrition for 30 years. I have a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell, and I am a Second Degree Black Belt and three time Marathon finisher. I am dedicated to helping everyone, including YOU, lead their healthiest life possible.